Casio G-shock GW-M5610

I like:


I don't like: 

When I was buying F91W I thought it was just an overhyped piece of plastic. And oh man was I wrong. I love F91W since the day I took it out of the box for the first time.

When I was buying M5610 I thought it was just an overhyped old G-Shock. And oh man was I right. 

Auto backlight is shining only for 1,5 seconds. Not nearly enough and no way of setting different time for the light.

Clock is not displayed while using timers. Some other G-Shocks have that function like B5600 or 5600BB.

Buttons are annoying.

LCD is not that sharp, F91W in comparison is way sharper.

Expensive for what it is.

You can get something like B5600 for the same price rather often. And something like B5600 is way better watch as many other G-Shocks in the same price are as well.

This watch is just a nostalgia for most people, they can't judge it for what it is anymore, because it is not a watch for them, it is memories.  

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