Casio A1000 negative LCD

*Watch is modified in the photos with the module from A700

*Black strap from F91W

I like:

Case finishing and shape, and angles are wonderful.

Size is perfect.

Pearl dial looks amazing in real life, looks black in most situations until you hit it with the light at the angle.

Feels wonderful on the hand.

Has some weight, does not feel cheap.

Original bracelet is good quality.

I don't like:

Hurts my hearth seeing such a wasted potential.. Could have easily been a God's tier watch. And I wish for that so much.. 

Has a beautiful applied Casio logo on the face under the glass, yet has a lot of random text on the face that destroys the look.

Buttons feel too small and overprotected, kinda annoying to use.

Negative LCD is one of the worst I have ever seen.

Water resistance for a metal digital watch 30m is not enough.

Lets just complete the watch and give it sapphire, would be wonderful.

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