Tissot PRX quartz 35mm ice blue

I like:

Looks amazing.

Ice blue dial looks monochrome, only on specific angles of light it shows off how special it is.

Sapphire crystal seems like it has rather good AR.

Crowns action feels wonderful very slow and smooth.

Date flips instantly.

100m WR on such a fancy looking watch makes it very versatile.

I don't like:

Flips date 7 minutes away from the midnight.

Edges on the bracelet feel unrefined considering how glorified this watch is by the Internet.

No half links, no micro-adjustments - many people can not get perfect fitment with this watch. And if you are going to wear it loose, you might be disappointed by the sharpness of the bracelet edges on the inside of the links.

Lume is very questionable decision on such shinny watch, especially when it is no better than on a random Casio watch. 

This watch is way overhyped and over glorified for this price point. I had watches from aliexpress for the 1/4th of the price of this watch that have better built quality and way better lume..

I find this watch to be very beautiful, but disappointing in quality.

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